About My Money Box

Empowering Workers

Supporting financial wellbeing is critical

Are you losing sleep over your finances? You're not alone. With over 16 million people in the UK having less than £100 in savings, it's a common problem. The lack of a financial safety net can lead to high-cost debt, such as credit cards and overdrafts, causing stress and anxiety in a vicious cycle that's hard to break.

But with My Money Box, local employers can step up to help break that cycle. By partnering with Boom Community Bank, employers can help their workers take control of their finances, reducing stress and increasing financial resilience through easy salary deductions.

Investing in employees' financial well-being is more than just a nice gesture – it's the right thing to do. By proactively promoting financial well-being, employers can boost productivity and job satisfaction. Join the My Money Box scheme today and see the positive impact on your team. Spread the word to your boss or employees - it's a win-win situation for everyone.

The Community Bank Difference

  • Anyone saving or repaying a loan via payroll deduction with my Money Box is a member of Boom Community Bank.
  • Every member saves, including borrowers, each adding to a pool of funds that enables us to provide accessible financial services to more local people.
  • Whatever our members' goals, we can often provide an affordable loan when other lenders haven't been able to, ensuring availability of credit at a fair cost, and helping them avoid spiralling debt.
  • As Boom Community Bank grows, we share our success. Our profits are disbursed as dividends to all members with eligible savings. Click here to learn more about Boom Community Bank.

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