About My Money Box

    Supporting Financial Wellbeing

    Boom Community Bank partners with businesses of all sizes to offer My Money Box – a savings and loans scheme using salary deductions.

    This scheme helps employees build a persistent savings habit through automatic payroll deductions while employers can support their team's financial well-being. Employers simply route savings to Boom Community Bank during each pay cycle, growing individual savings accounts.

    Additionally, My Money Box simplifies loan repayments through the same process, providing peace of mind and efficient loan management for employees.

    Protected savings

    Protected savings

    The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) protects Savings in Boom Community Bank.

     Financial safety net

    Financial safety net

    Savings create a financial safety net, shielding against life's uncertainties and reducing financial stress.

    Facilitating steady savings

    Facilitating steady savings

    Employees can more easily maintain long-term savings habits with payroll deductions.

    Unlock other savings

    Unlock other savings

    Save while repaying a loan, or reduce borrowing costs through debt consolidation.

    Low maintenance

    Simple collaboration with payroll departments, and full online banking for participants.

    Tried and tested

    Twelve years helping hundreds of workers save direct from their pay.

    Ongoing support

    Everything is provided for employers to promote the scheme and encourage participation within its workforce.

    My Money Box

    Positive outcome for employers

    Reduce pay advances

    Increase productivity

    Enhanced employee benefits

    Improve morale

    Improve profitability

    Reduce absenteeism


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