Zero-interest for more affordable borrowing

A lending resource accessible when other avenues are restricted, provided through collaboration with local councils.

Local Initiatives

No Interest Loan Schemes

Boom Community Bank No Interest Loan Schemes (NILS) are funded by local authorities seeking to extend the form of financial assistance to residents. Access to these schemes is exclusive to individuals residing within the respective council areas.

A NILS loan can help those unable to access or afford existing forms of credit but can afford to repay small sums, offering a way to spread essential or emergency costs.

Adur and Worthing NILS

A source of financial support funded by Adur and Worthing Councils.

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Bognor Regis NILS

A source of financial support funded by Bognor Regis Town Council.

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Farnham NILS

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Free Debt Advice

Immediate, direct assistance for those managing debt.

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Benefits calculator

Claim what's rightfully yours

Over 8 million UK households are missing £19 billion in benefits. We're working with Inbest to make sure you get all the benefits that you’re entitled to.

The Benefits Calculator will help you to understand your entitlements to Universal Credit, Pension Credit, Child Benefit, Council Tax Reduction, and Help to Save. It's easy to use and gives you peace of mind that you're not missing out on any support.