No Interest Loan Scheme

A NILS loan can help Adur and Worthing residents who can't access or afford existing forms of credit.

Adur & Worthing No Interest Loan Scheme

About NILS Loan

Boom Community Bank is partnering with Adur & Worthing Councils to deliver a No Interest Loan Scheme. The scheme is available to residents in both Council areas and supports those experiencing acute financial difficulty.

A NILS loan can help those unable to access or afford existing forms of credit, but can afford to repay small sums, offering a way to spread essential or emergency costs. Check your eligibility and apply for an interest-free loan of between £300 and £1,500. There are no fees; you only repay what you borrow so we can lend it again to someone else. 

What can NILS loans be used for?



Educational resources

Car repairs and MOT



Season tickets

Other essentials

About borrowing

Good to know

Apply for a zero-interest unsecured personal loan.

High approval rate for eligible applicants.

Quick and easy application process.

Alternative to high-cost borrowing.

Build a positive repayment history for the future.

The opportunity to build future savings as you repay your loan.

Become a member of Boom Community Bank.

Trusted local service.

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Adur & Worthing No-Interest-Loans (NILS) are only available to Adur & Worthing Residents. The rate, repayment amount, and frequency displayed on this page are illustrative. Our offer depends on the applicant's financial circumstances and the credit and affordability assessment outcome. We may offer an alternative loan option to NILS applicants whose financial circumstances meet our regular lending criteria. In this case, interest will be applied (Representative 29.49% APR).

Representative example

No interest or fees

Loan amount


Suggested weekly savings


Loan term

40 weeks

Total interest


Weekly repayment


Amount repayable


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How it works

Loan application process



Work out how much you want to borrow

Use the loan calculator to see what the repayments are likely to be.



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Our loan offer

Our loan offer is subject to affordability and credit checks.



The Credit Agreement

Sign the agreement online and upload you ID and other documents we ask for.

What to expect

When you apply

  • We will check your eligibility to apply.
  • We will ask you to enrol in Open Banking, allowing us secure access to your bank statements.
  • You will be kept fully informed via text messages and emails.
  • We will ask you to supply specific documents, including a valid photo ID, to pay out an approved loan.
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Frequently asked questions

Who is eligible to apply for NILS loan?

Adur & Worthing NILS is funded by Adur & Worthing Councils to support local residents; therefore, applicants must live in an Adur and Worthing Council Area.

What are the criteria for NILS Loan applicants?

Successful NILS applicants are likely to be in receipt of a low income and benefits. We may offer an alternative loan to applicants we assess meet standard lending criteria.

Is it possible for a member with an existing loan to apply for a NILS Loan?

Applicants must not have a current loan balance with Boom Community Bank.

How does the loan application approval process work?

Approval is subject to credit checks and affordability assessment. We aim to respond within one working day. It may take a little longer if we need additional information, in which case we will contact you.

What are the contractual obligations and repayment terms for NILS Loans?

NILS Loans are issued under a legally binding credit agreement and must be repaid in accordance with the repayment schedule agreed upon when the loan is issued.

What are the consequences of not repaying NILS loans on time?

Failure to make timely repayments may impact your credit score. Our account support will proactively contact members when payments are missed and are available to be contacted should any concerns arise.