Corporate account application

Local businesses, charities, local authorities, and social and voluntary groups can join as corporate members by depositing funds with Boom Community Bank to support the local community. Complete this form to open a Corporate (non-personal) Membership Account.


Prior to submitting an application on behalf of your organisation, it is essential to convene a meeting during which the resolution outlined below should be adopted and duly recorded.

To Boom Community Bank: I confirm that at a properly convened meeting, it was resolved that:

We wish to open an account with Boom Community Bank and, in doing so, agree to abide by the social objects, rules, policies and procedures of the Credit Union.

The individual(s) representing the organisation have completed/agree to complete all required personal details and provided identification documents according to the requirements of the Credit Union.

Boom Community Bank will rely on the appointed representatives unless it receives written confirmation of changes to representatives.

To provide the Credit Union with the documents it requires to open and maintain the account.

About You

Correspondence details

Please provide details regarding the individual(s) representing the organisation who will be responsible for communicating with Boom Community Bank and overseeing account management.

About the organisation

Please provide details about the organisation's status, registration, and governing bodies.

Account signatories

Please provide information about the person(s) acting as the authority on behalf of the organisation and as a Signatory. In an Incorporated Body, this person will be known as the Corporate Representative. In an unincorporated association or unincorporated partnership, this person will be known as the Designated Representative. Two Signatories are required unless a Sole Trader.

Signatory 1 (required)
Signatory 2 (required)
Signatory 3 (optional)
Signatory 4 (optional)

Beneficial ownership

Anti-money laundering guidance requires that we obtain details of all shareholders, directors or beneficial owners holding more than 25% of shares in the organisation who are NOT signatories. Please provide full names and addresses of those who apply.


I hereby apply for corporate membership and agree to abide by the rules of West Sussex Credit Union Ltd. I declare that the information given by me on this form is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief and that I have read and understood the information provided to me.

Entering your name represents your electronic signature.