Have we asked you to upload documents?

Document guide

Making things clear

Please refer to this guide if we have asked you to provide identification, proof of address documents or other evidence.

Photos and scans

We can accept scans of your documents proving they:

  • display the information we have asked to verify
  • are in focus and clear to read
  • are unedited

Uploading your documents

We will send you our document upload requests via online banking, the quickest and most secure way you can send us your documents.

Online Banking

If you cannot access the internet, we can accept paper copies sent to our address at the bottom of this page.

Photo ID

Identification documents must be in date and display the correct name and address. We can accept the following:

  • Passport
  • UK driving licence or UK blue disabled driver's pass (photocards)
  • National ID card or EU Member State photo ID card
  • Biometric Residence permit (BRP)
  • Home Office travel documents
  • UK Armed Forces ID card

Proof Of Address

Proof of address documents must be dated within the last three months. We can accept

  • Council tax, gas, electricity, or water bill
  • Building society, credit card or bank statement from the past three months
  • Tax assessment or HMRC letter
  • Photographic ID, such as a driving licence (when not used as proof of ID)
  • Council rent card
  • Mortgage statement
  • Private tenancy agreement
  • Certificate of voter registration
  • Official letter from a UK solicitor, Benefits Agency, Pensions Service, JobCentre Plus or the DVLA

We can't accept bank statements or mobile phone bills as proof of your address. 

Child Benefit Proof

Please ensure you are registered on the Government Gateway to access the following site and redirect your Child Benefit to Boom:

Manage an existing benefit, payment or claim - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

When you have access, you'll need to amend the payment details to redirect your Child Benefit to our bank, details below. As you do this, please take a screenshot of each screen before you press submit, and upload these to the portal as proof.

You must amend the payment details to redirect your Child Benefit to Boom's account details below. Before you press submit, please take a screenshot of each screen as you update them. Upload them with a screenshot of the confirmation email with the reference number you will receive after making the updates.

Name of bank: Co-Operative
Name of account: WSSCU LTD CAPITAL
Sort code: 08-92-99
Account number: 65313363

You must tick to box to confirm you are sending your Child Benefit to someone else.

Bank Statement

Please provide the front page from a statement or screenshot of online banking showing your name, sort code and account number of the bank account where we are to deposit loan funds.

Proof of National Insurance

You can find your NI number on wage slips, P60, or letters from DWP or other benefit-related letters.

Immigration Status

If we have asked for evidence of your immigration status or that you have indefinite leave to remain, we can accept the following:

  • British passport (must be in date)
  • The official confirmation letter regarding your settled status

Alternatively, click the link below to view and prove your immigration status by sending screenshots of all relevant web pages or letting us know the share code. https://www.gov.uk/view-prove-immigration-status

Standing Order Proof

A Standing Order proof must show the amount, frequency, and date the first payment will be made. It also needs to show that the payments are being sent to our account, detailed below, referenced with the payment reference number we provided.

Name of bank: Co-Operative
Name of account: WSSCU LTD CAPITAL
Sort code: 08-92-99
Account number: 65313363

Please take a screenshot from your online banking or a photo of a confirmation slip from your branch showing the full details of the new Standing Order.

The "Real You" Check

Upload a selfie making the hand gesture shown in the image we emailed you. Your face must be uncovered, and the gesture you make should match the picture we send you. You may find it easier to ask someone to take the photo for you.

Mailing Documents

Please send scanned copies, not original documents, to:

Boom Community Bank
17 Liverpool Gardens
West Sussex
BN11 1RY