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Online Banking

Simple and secure

Access your account 24/7

Manage your savings and expenditure

Update your details

Paperless statements

Upload documents securely

Easy payments and transfers

Online or on mobile, you’re always in touch

Pay bills or suppliers

Apply for other Boom Community Bank products.

How to get started

Register with your Member number, which you’ll find on any correspondence with us, or on your loan agreement or login.

Mobile Money Management

Online banking on-the-go

Download the Boom App from the App Store or Google Play and register using your Membership number.  It’s simple, easy to use and keeps in control… always.

Security Tips. Remember...

  • Keep passwords secret and change them often
  • Be aware of phishing scams
  • Monitor your account regularly
  • Enable account alerts and notifications
  • Do not use unprotected internet connections
  • Regularly update your computer or mobile device software

Security Alert

Are your details up to date? Here’s why it’s so important

Keeping your personal details up to date is of utmost importance for several reasons. We strive to provide a seamless and secure banking experience at Boom Community Bank. By maintaining accurate and up-to-date information, you can help us ensure the following:


Up-to-date contact details allow us to inform you of any suspicious activity on your account and complete security checks efficiently. This helps to prevent fraud, safeguarding your money.

Efficient Communication

When your information is current, you can stay well-informed about important updates, promotions, and changes to our products and services.

Better Service

With accurate information, we can tailor our services to suit your needs and preferences. This helps us to provide you with personalised financial solutions and support.

Regulatory Compliance

As a responsible financial institution, Boom Community Bank complies with various regulatory requirements. Keeping your details up to date helps us meet these obligations and protect you as our valued customer.

Please log in to your account to update your details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Easy answers to common questions

How do I log in to Online Banking?

You will need your Membership Number and a secure PIN to log in. We will ask you to verify some digits of your PIN. If you don't have a PIN, you first need to register for Online Banking.

Register for Online Banking

Forgotten PIN form

Why is my PIN 6 digits long?

For the security of your account, we will issue a PIN that is six digits long.

On your initial registration for online banking, we will send you a temporary PIN that you can change to something you will remember when you log in for the first time. You must not share your PIN with anyone.

How do you send the PIN to me?

We have a secure process to verify your identity and mobile phone number. We will complete a verification process before issuing a temporary PIN by text message (SMS). You must change the temporary PIN within 24 hours of receipt, so please log in as soon as possible after receiving the SMS. We recommend you delete the text message containing your temporary PIN after successfully logging in and changing it.

I didn't change my temporary PIN in time, can I get a new one?

You will need to send another PIN request. We'll send another temporary PIN to your registered mobile.

Request PIN form

Why can't I log in to Online Banking?

It is often an input error during the login process that prevents access to Online Banking. Before contacting us, please follow these three steps: 

  1. The system will never ask you to input all six digits of your PIN, only a combination of three. Please be sure to enter the correct corresponding number in the respective box.
  2. Check that you are entering the correct Membership Number. You can find your Membership number on your welcome letter, account statement, or credit agreement.
  3. Please ensure that you enter your date of birth in the DD/MM/YYYY format. 

Please get in touch if you need help logging in after completing the above steps.  

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